About the Artist

Hi! I'm Mary - wife, mother, artist and shop owner!

I have always loved the sea and have spent much of my life near, on or sailing the sea, mostly on the Menai Strait.

Having completed my fine art degree, done some travelling and ocean sailing, I along with my family - settled in the lovely, bustling seaside town of Beaumaris in Anglesey and haven't looked back.

Beaumaris is a small town overlooking the Menai Strait which separates Anglesey from the mainland in North Wales.

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My Inspiration

From the swirling seas that surround this Island, to Snowdonia the mountain range that serves as a breathtaking backdrop, it's easy to see why I fell in love with the area and I want to capture the different moods and moments this ever-changing and beautiful scenery has to offer.

My paintings are monoprints, (meaning one print).

My studio table top is made out of glass and this is where my paintings start… I paint onto the glass with my inks, before placing calico onto the glass to take the print. It's a free and exhilarating way to paint - just like sailing!