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Covid-19 - The Latest from Cole & Co

It has been a strange few months, and we have had to handle closing the shop, reopening the shop and everything in between. We wanted there to be one place that you could come to check what is being made available through our website, and both our shops. Please find all details outlined below:

Online Orders

All online orders are packed by one member of staff in a separate area of the workshop. We are still offering a free delivery service, which will continue until we are out of this situation. In return for this we ask for your patience. The Royal Mail are under an incredible amount of pressure to perform. We know that they are doing their best, so if your parcel is taking a couple of days longer than expected, then we ask for you to hold off before contacting. All orders have, even through the crisis, been making it to customers in 7 days. So if it has been 7 days since you received your shipment email, then please give us a ring on 01248 811391 and we shall track your parcel and find out where it may have got to. If it has gotten lost in transit, then we will send a replacement first class for you.

Beaumaris Shop

We are now back open, but offering an over the counter service. We are operating a one person at a time policy at the moment, but if you are with family please ask when you arrive and we're sure they'll be able to join you. At the front of the store we have a hand sanitising unit, please make sure to use this when you enter the store. On the table we have the testers to go with most product options. The staff will then happily get you a new product from the back of the staff and pack it all up for you. We would appreciate if you could pay by card, but understand that this isn't always possible. Please allow the team the chance to sanitise their hands once they've accepted the payment before handing over the products that you have purchased. We will be open 10 - 5 Monday to Saturday for the near future. Everything is being regularly cleaned down with anti bacterial spray, and we're keeping the door open as much as possible to avoid having to push it open.

Cardiff Shop

We are also back open in Cardiff with an over the counter service. We are allowing one person or household into the shop, with a clear queuing system outside the shop in the form of rainbows on the floor! When queuing outside the shop, please respect the 2m gap between each rainbow! We have a hand sanitisation station to the right of the double doors, please use this before approaching the table. We have laid down one of each soap for you to be able to pick up and smell. Please restrict this to just the soaps, and not pick up anything else that is on the table for display - especially the finished products. We are cleaning the refill station in between each customer - so please allow an extra couple of seconds for the team to finish cleaning it down before you start. We are only accepting card payments in the shop. Both doors are being kept open which means that you won't have to push or pull the door to come in - although it is all being cleaned regularly throughout the day.

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